If you are interested in photographing the scenes of Istanbul and want a guide to show you the interesting parts of Istanbul you're in the right place.
Weather you're a landscape photographer or a street photographer, will find you the best route depending on the genre that you're interested. 
About Kerem Nasipoglu
I am a documentary photographer based in Istanbul. Photographing the streets of Istanbul since 2008, commissioned by many companies to shoot Istanbul. Travelled around Europe to document the everyday life.
Currently based in Istanbul, guiding foreign photographers, giving photography workshops on every level and shooting commissions. Besides being a photographer, I create content 
About Istanbul
Istanbul is a city landed on both continents, Europe and Asia. It is fair to say that Istanbul is the bridge between Europe and Asia. With over 15 million population, it is a true representation of beauty and chaos.  It is a city with history on every corner. It is possible to find the best examples of Byzantium and Ottoman architecture in this great city. 
Many photographers including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Joel Meyerowitz, Nikos Economopoulos, Alex Webb, and many more had photographed Istanbul.
Ara Güler photographed istanbul in a way that he got the name Eye of Istanbul
About the photo walk