Hello there,
Welcome to my portfolio site. I am a documentary photographer and Content Creator based in Istanbul. Started my journey with photography in 2008, focused on documentary and since 2012. Currently improving my self in motion design and digital illustration. I am also the founder of Sokak Hikayeleri, a source of street and documentary photography in Turkish.
Apart from being a photographer, I am arranging photo walks for the photographers that are visiting Istanbul. 
I am married and have two cats. 
To learn more about me:Interviews: 
Shooter Files
- Urban Street Diving

- 2014 The EyeEm Awards Finalist
- 2016 Drago x EyeEm These Streets Belong To Me Winner
- 2018 EyeEm Summer In The City Winner
For commissions, photo walk inquiries and print sales and please use the form here.
Me guiding Street Hunters Crew in Istanbul Street Hunt. 
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